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$274.30 per person     1 to 6 people
$274.30 per person     1 to 6 people
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Who's ready for an adventure after school? Book in today for Swan Valley Adventure Centre's all new Kids Adventure Club for term 4 2022 for Years 4 - 6!

Please note there is a transaction fee included in the transaction amount at checkout.

Please review the following dates scheduled before choosing either Mondays or Fridays for the entire program for your child(ren):

Week 1: Monday October 10th or Friday October 14th

Week 2: Monday October 17th or Friday October 21st

Week 3: Monday October 24th or Friday October 28th

Week 4: Monday October 31st or Friday November 4th

Week 5: Monday October 7th or Friday November 11th

Week 6: Monday November 14th or Friday November 18th

Week 7: Monday November 21st or Friday November 25th

Week 8: Monday November 28th or Friday December 2nd

Week 9: Monday December 5th or Friday December 9th

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